Dominican Poets RSS feed for public list Dominican Poets A little bit of me / by Bruney, Eva. A piece of earth : by Jolly, Clement S. A rainbow of delight / A re-awakening of self : by Malone, Alvin. A whisper of hope / by Stowe, Rosabella. Africa arise (and other poems) / by Casimir, Ralph J.R. All things familiar / by Gage, Deborah. Another voice / by Lewis, Julius Stephen. As we pondered / by Julien, Kennedy. Beyond dark clouds / by D'Pope, Eddie. Black man listen and other poems / by Casimir, Ralph J.R. Book of me / by Lebruin, Melissa. Book of poetry / Broken images / by Jackson, Ian "Jacko". Caribbean viewpoint / by Baptiste, Judith V. Crossroads / by Moses, Desmond. Destiny / by Moreau, Mickey. Dominica and other poems / by Casimir, Ralph J.R. Dreams and visions of a schoolgirl / by Theophille, Alice. Echoes & memories : by Didier, Clayton. Farewell ( and other poems ) / by Casimir, Ralph J.R. Favourites : by Piper, Peter. For mirth and meditation : by Polydore, Kay. Freedom poems / by Casimir, Ralph J.R. Glimpses : by Nassief, Gilda Thebaud. Glimpses of a maroon horizon / by Guiste, David. Higher Heights / by Dennis, Alpha. Honourable Natty Dread / by Williams, Ras Albert. Honourable Natty Dread / by Williams, Ras Albert. Immortelle : by Watty, Frank Inspiring poems / by Douglas, Ian. Issues and opinions / by Polydore, Kay. Llespwe' fanm / by LaRonde, Christabel. Look inside / by Tavernier, Fitz. Love for an island : Melting pot / by Moses, Desmond ( Ras Mo ). Nature island verses / by Lazare, Alick. Neutralise / by Piper, Peter. Of thought confusing / by Jackson, Ian. One Dominica : by Williams, Ras Albert. One room shack / by Williams, Delroy "Nesta". Palm and oak / by Allfrey, Phyllis Shand. Palm and pine and other poems / by Andre, Francis. Pater Noster and other poems / by Casimir, Ralph J.R. Pause to ponder : by Polydore, Kay Periphery / by Jno. Hope, Billy. Piper's dilemma / by Piper, Peter. Poems / by Browne, Ianthe W. Poems / by Caudeiron, Daniel. Poems / by LeBlanc, E.O. Poems of reality = parole qui vrai / by Royer, Vilma. Poesy : by Casimir, Ralph J.R. Poetic island : by Williams, Olivia. Poetic licence Vol. 1 / by Salamat, Emmanuel Haxey. Praise songs / by GreII, Jane UIysses. Pulse rock / by Sorhaindo, Paula Rampart I : Rampart II : Really and rarely / by Piper, Peter. Reflect and chuckle / by Polydore, Kay. River reflections / by Wakeham, E.B. Sautiya Mwafrica / by Winston, Theodore. Siblings re-united, mama's & papa's story : Song of the dove : by Jolly, Fr. Clement S. Spy into a broken heart / by Malone, Alvin. Stepping out / by Ducreay, Algernon. Sweet poetic vibrations / by Malone, Alvin. The angel of death : by Malone, Alvin. The burden of flight / by La Touche, G. J. The burning prelude : by Guiste, David. The Dawn / by John, Giftus. The gardens of Attainea : by Toulon, Anthony Leo E. The hidden manuscript / by Laronde, Christabel. The island man sings his song : by John, Giftus R. The negro speaks / by Casimir, Ralph J.R. The old man in the sun / by Carpenter, H.P. The old tambou : by Lewis, Julius S. The road I walk / by Sylvester, Mark. The sublime and facetious / by Polydore, Kay. The turn of the century : by Boyce, Arnold. Thoughts and Emotions / by Daway, Dawen. Thoughts as I pondered / by Wallace, Clifford. Through the far eye / by Williams, Ras Albert. To catch a life / by LaTouche, Gerald J. Today I rise / by Williams, Augustus. Verses from atop the mountain : by John, Giftus R. Voice of the seed : by White, Michael. Voices / by Tavernier, Fitz. Voices from the mansion of my soul : by Colaire, Augustus S. Watching faces of the times : by Joseph, Fitzroy Tex. We are fighting / by Daway, Dawen. When I awake / by Sylvester, Mark. Whispers in solitude / by Malone, Alvin. Word, sound & power : Words in the quiet moments / by John, Giftus R.