Subject Dictionaries RSS feed for public list Subject Dictionaries A concise dictionary of astronomy / by Mitton, Jacqueline. A dictionary of accounting / A dictionary of biology / A dictionary of catch phrases : by Patridge, Eric. A dictionary of computing A dictionary of dyes and dyeing / by Ponting, Kenneth G. A dictionary of foreign words and phrases in current English / by Bliss, A.J. A dictionary of geography / by Mayhew, Susan. A Dictionary of historical terms / by Cook, Chris. A dictionary of journalism / by Harcup, Tony. A dictionary of life science / by Martin, E.A. A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics / by Crystal, David, A dictionary of plant-lore / by Vickery, Roy. A dictionary of political thought / by Scruton, Roger. A dictionary of psychology / by Colman, Andrew M. A dictionary of science. A dictionary of social work and social care / by Harris, John, A dictionary of sociology / A dictionary of the environment / by Allaby, Michael. An illustrated dictionary of glass : by Newman, Harold. APA concise dictionary of psychology / Bible dictionary : Black's veterinary dictionary / Bloomsbury dictionary of word origins / by Ayto, John. Brewer's dictionary of phrase and fable. by Brewer, Ebenezer Cobham, Business studies dictionary / by Steer, M. Cambridge international dictionary of phrasal verbs. Caribbean narrative : Collins dictionary of geology / by Lapidus, Dorothy Farris. Collins internet-linked dictionary of physics / by Deeson, Eric. Collins internet-linked dictionary of synonyms & antonyms. Concise dictionary of physics and related subjects / by Thewlis, J. Concise veterinary dictionary / Dictionary of 20th century art / by Myers, Bernard Samuel, Dictionary of Agriculture. Dictionary of architectural science / by Cowan, Henry J. Dictionary of business / by Collin, P. H. Dictionary of business & scientific terms / Dictionary of business and management / by Rosenberg, Jerry Martin. Dictionary of data communications / by Sippl, Charles J. Dictionary of drawing / by Zaidenberg, Arthur. Dictionary of energy / Dictionary of fine arts / by Thomas, Denis. Dictionary of hotels, tourism and catering management / by Collin, P.H. Dictionary of human resources and personnel management / by Ivanovic, A., Dictionary of international agricultural trade / Dictionary of inventions and discoveries / by Carter, E.F. Dictionary of mathematics terms / by Downing, Douglas. Dictionary of microcomputing / by Sippl, Charles J. Dictionary of music / by Kennedy, Michael. Dictionary of science and technology / by Collocott, T.C. Dictionary of the bible / by McKenzie, John L. Dictionary of the history of science / Dictionary of tools used in the woodworking and allied trades, c. 1700-1970 / by Salaman, R. A. Dictionary of travel, tourism and hospitality / by Medlik, S. Dictionary of world literary terms, forms, technique, criticism / Everyman's dictionary of abbreviations / Everyman's dictionary of non-classical mythology / by Sykes, Egerton. French dictionary of information technology : by Pyper, T.R. Illustrated dictionary of tropical fishes / by Frey, Hans. International acronyms, initialisms & abbreviations dictionary : Literary terms : by Beckson, Karl. Longman dictionary of English idioms. Macmillan dictionary of historical terms / by Cook, Chris. McGraw-Hill dictionary of mechanical and design engineering / Multilingual dictionary of printing and publishing terms / by Peacock, John. Music dictionary / by Bennett, Roy. Oxford beginner's Chinese dictionary / Oxford dictionary of chemistry / Oxford dictionary of current idiomatic english ; volume 1 : by Cowie, A.P. Oxford dictionary of physics Parry and Grant encyclopaedic dictionary of international law / by Parry, Clive. Pears word-puzzler's dictionary / by Newby, Peter. The Cambridge illustrated dictionary of natural history / by Lincoln, R.J. The concise oxford dictionary of ballet / by Koegler, Horst. The concise Oxford dictionary of earth sciences / The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology / The dictionary of cell and molecular biology / The Dictionary of composers / The dictionary of contemporary politics of Central America and the Caribbean / by Gunson, Phil. The dictionary of cricket / by Rundell, Michael. The dictionary of economics and commerce, English, French, Arabic / by Nasr, Z. The Faber dictionary of Euphemisms / by Holder, R.W. The Hutchinson dictionary of world history. The law dictionary : by Gilmer, Wesley. The Longman dictionary of poetic terms / by Myers, Jack Elliott. The macmillan dictionary of modern economics / by Pearce, David W. The Macmillan dictionary of sports and games / by Cuddon, J.A. The MacMillan dictionary of the second world war 2nd edition / by Wheal, Elizabeth-Anne The new international dictionary of quotations / The new Roget's Thesaurus of the English language in dictionary form / by Lewis, Norman, The Oxford dictionary of humorous quotations / The Oxford dictionary of saints / by Farmer, David Hugh. The oxford dictionary of the Christian church / The Oxford dictionary of the world / by Munro, David. The Oxford Spelling Dictionary / The Oxford Writer's dictionary. The Penguin dictionary of architecture and landscape architecture / by Fleming, John, The penguin dictionary of clich├ęs / by Cresswell, Julia. The penguin dictionary of commerce / by Greener, Michael. The Penguin dictionary of human geography / by Goodall, Brian. The penguin dictionary of information technology and computer science / by Gunton, Tony. The Penguin dictionary of modern humorous quotations / The Penguin dictionary of proverbs / The Penguin dictionary of the theatre / by Taylor, John Russell. The poetry dictionary / by Drury, John. The practical bible dictionary and concordance : The Prevention how-to dictionary of healing remedies and techniques : The Rosen comprehensive dictionary of chemistry / The Rosen comprehensive dictionary of math / The Stoddart visual dictionary / by Corbiel, Jean-Claude.